SIA 2013: The Grom Perspective

If you watched the news or were on Facebook around the first of February, there’s a good chance you probably heard about the SnowSports Industries America Snow Show going on at the Denver Convention Center. SnowSports Industries America, or SIA, hosts the annual industry-only event to allow manufacturers and brands to showcase next season’s wares for media and retailers. It’s not open to the general public and therefore most people have to experience it vicariously.

This year, we decided it might be fun to check out the event through the eyes of some of the industry’s youngest members, so I rounded up my boys Koen (age 9) and Kaias (age 7), charged up their GoPro, and headed downtown. Here’s what that looked like.

The boys’ thoughts on the event:

Koen: It was cool! It was really fun seeing everything for next year. I think all the manufacturers should have their booths open for everyone to see, though. Lots of walking!

Highlights included:

– GoPro booth
– Making a hat with Gnu
– Taking photos and videos
– Anon. M2 Goggles
– All the free shwag

Kaias: My favorite part was finding a penny, losing it, then finding another! Getting stickers, hats, and a squishy grenade. My feet hurt.

Highlights included:

– Searching for and finding the Neff booth
– The Phunkshun Wear booth
– SIA backcountry booth
– Being told that by a random group of women that he and his brother were the coolest people there

That’s a wrap for us. Until next year!

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