Kaias’ AHA! Day

At Origin, we’re obviously super proud of the achievements of our more experienced and seasoned riders. You might be thinking “why would you upload a video of a kid simply riding down a mountain when there are other kids around his age killing the park and pipe?”

While this video may not seem like much, it was of huge importance to the rider, Kaias. Basically, this was the day that it all “clicked” for him. Not just the technical ability to make and link turns, but the understanding of why he needs to. And most importantly, the sense of accomplishment and freedom from cruising down a mountain without wrecking or stopping. He still has a lot to learn, but this was a big step in the right direction.

Milestones come in many shapes and sizes. The biggest and best all had to start somewhere. It’s important to encourage and support kids through every step of the progress curve to make sure they are excited and challenged. Different kids figure things out at different rates, and it’s cool to witness it when it finally makes sense.

We did edit the video down from it’s original 12-minute length so that it would be more watchable. And of course, we had to leave it just long enough for his favorite song of the day.

Ultimately, we’d like to showcase every step of the learning and progression process in hopes that it’ll make kids more confident and excited to ride. In our eyes, there’s nothing too small or too big if it helps kids “get it.” We’re hoping that you’ll share your monuments / milestones / progress with us as well.

And with all that said… more edits of other riders to come soon. No really, we mean it.